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GRI Strategies works with clients to equip them with better ways of thinking through their political and geopolitical exposures, and better capacity to manage identified risk


GRI Strategies is unlike any other political risk consultancy. We recognise that the political risk issues global firms face no longer stem from an absence of commentary or analysis about the external risk environment. If anything, there is now too much information, with too much of it conflicting


The bigger challenge for international firms is in ensuring their risk management response is keeping up with rising geopolitical uncertainty

GRI Strategies works with clients to:


  • Review existing approaches to the management of political and geopolitical issues, benchmarking against best practice, and identifying areas for improvement


  • Provide best-practice recommendations


  • Draw up action plans to remediate deficiencies in existing company practice


  • Lead work to deliver action plans on behalf of clients


This provides clients with confidence that their mitigation strategies are based on expert and firm-specific assessment of risk exposures and that their risk management capabilities can respond dynamically as levels of external uncertainty change

Reforms to risk management in this area also demonstrate greater adherence to regulatory requirements, and allow a firm to provide investors greater confidence in a firm’s identification of, and response to, the strategic risk environment

GRI is particularly experienced in working with firms that operate matrix management structures and the 3LoD risk management model

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