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GRI Strategies brings unparalleled experience in helping multinational corporations tackle political and geopolitical issues


GRI Strategies works with companies based all over the world to improve their approaches to managing risk from politics and geopolitics, with a particular focus on firms in the financial sector

Derek Leatherdale is managing director and founder of GRI Strategies. Before he set up GRI, Derek established HSBC’s Group Geopolitical Risk function. This brought enhanced coherence and proactive management to the way in which HSBC approached political issues, at a time of sharply increasing geopolitical turbulence across key markets, giving greater confidence to HSBC’s lead global regulators in the process

GRI works with organisations facing similar internal challenges, particularly where geopolitical issues generate multi-faceted impacts that cut across a firm's organisational structure. GRI has a particular focus on financial services and firms who apply the 3LoD risk management model. We also undertake client engagements in the natural resources,  consumer goods and political risk insurance sectors.


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